Top Green Projects in KSA

Saudi Arabia is undergoing a remarkable transformation driven by Vision 2030, a strategic roadmap for economic diversification and a sustainable future. A cornerstone of this vision is a bold target: achieving a 50% renewable energy capacity by 2030. To make this a reality, the Kingdom is spearheading a series of groundbreaking green projects that are not only revolutionizing its energy sector but also propelling it towards the forefront of sustainable development.

These green projects span the vast and diverse landscape of Saudi Arabia. The scorching deserts of the south house colossal solar farms, like the 2,000 MW Ar Rass 2 Solar Plant, capable of powering hundreds of thousands of homes. Meanwhile, along the Red Sea coast, the NEOM Green Hydrogen Plant harnesses the power of the sun to produce clean fuel, showcasing the potential for a future free from fossil fuels. This geographical spread of projects highlights Saudi Arabia’s commitment to utilizing a diverse range of renewable resources across its vast territory.

Unlocking the Green Potential with the KSA Green Projects Map

To complement this exploration of Saudi Arabia’s green giants, SCAVO has prepared a valuable KSA Green Projects Map. This map serves as a handy reference tool, providing a clear overview of the project locations throughout the Kingdom. By studying the map, you can visualize the geographical spread of these renewable energy initiatives and gain a deeper understanding of Saudi Arabia’s strategic approach to a greener future.

Each project on the map represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future, not just for Saudi Arabia, but for the entire region. This ambitious undertaking positions the Kingdom as a leader in the global energy transition, inspiring other nations to embrace a cleaner and brighter future.

KSA Green Projects Map

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    Shuaibah 600 MW Solar Plant (Makkah)

    This colossal solar farm is one of the largest in the world, generating enough clean energy to power hundreds of thousands of homes. 

    The project calls for the construction of a 600 MW Shuaibah Solar IPP and related facilities as part of Round 2 of the renewable energy scheme.

    Ar Rass 2 Solar Plant (Qassim)

    With a capacity of 2,000 MW, this project is another major leap towards a sustainable energy future for Saudi Arabia.

    The project will be located in Saudi Arabia Qassim province near Ar Rass city and will be developed as a ‘Build, Own, Operate’ project.

    Al Henakiyah Solar Power Plant (1100 MW)

    Henakiyah Solar Power Project is a 1,100MW solar PV power project. It is planned in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

    This project is part of a larger national round aimed at diversifying the energy mix. Once operational, it is expected that the plant will displace more than 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

    Al Kahfah Solar Plant (Eastern Province - 1,425 MW)

    The project is part of a larger initiative by Saudi Arabia to develop 4.55 GW of renewable energy capacity. After completion, it will be able to power approximately 400,000 homes.

    This massive solar plant will contribute significantly to the country’s clean energy goals.

    Saad 2 Solar Plant (Eastern Province - 1,125 MW)

    The project calls for the construction of 1,125 MW Solar Plant Saad 2, as part of the National Renewable Energy Program in Eastern Province.

    While smaller in scale, this project signifies the widespread adoption of solar power across the Kingdom.

    King Abdullah City of Atomic and Renewable Energy - Riyadh

    Rising energy demands in Saudi Arabia are being tackled by the ambitious King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy project. This futuristic hub in Riyadh Province isn’t just about one solution, it’s a two-pronged attack. 

    It will explore the responsible use of nuclear power alongside research in solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources.

    Yanbu Wind IPP Project (700 MW)

    The project calls for the construction of a Wind Independent Power Plant located at Yanbu as part of round 4 of Renewable Energy Program. It has a capacity of 700 MW.

    This project harnesses the power of wind to generate clean electricity.

    Al Masa’a IPP (Hail - 1000 MWac)

    This project will be a major contributor to wind energy production in Saudi Arabia. The project calls for the construction of 1000 MWac Al Masa’a IPP in Hail province. 

    This will be part of the Renewable Energy Program (Round 5).

    Al Ghat Wind IPP (600 MW) and Waad Al Shamal Wind IPP (500 MW)

    These large-scale wind farms demonstrate the Kingdom’s dedication to wind as a renewable energy source.

    These projects call for the construction of Wind Independent Power Plants as part of Round 4 of Renewable Energy Program.

    Green Projects in Neom

    Neom and the wider Saudi Arabian green initiatives represent a powerful message of hope and progress. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and harnessing the power of nature, KSAis forging a path towards a cleaner and brighter future, not just for itself, but for the entire world. Three of these projects are listed below:

    NEOM Green Hydrogen Plant (Tabouk)

    This revolutionary project combines a 2.2 GW solar plant with hydrogen production, creating a clean fuel source for the future.

    It will combine the clean hydrogen and nitrogen produced from the previous stages to produce green ammonia.

    NEOM Green Hydrogen Plant (Tabouk) - Wind Plant (1.65 GW)

    This project showcases Neom’s commitment to a diverse renewable energy portfolio, utilizing wind power alongside solar. It includes over 250 wind turbines that will generate 1.6 GW of renewable energy.

    The project calls for the construction of a Wind Farm in the Neom Green Hydrogen Plant.

    Solar Dome Desalination Plant in Neom

    The project calls for the construction of Solar Dome Desalination Plant in Neom Business City. 

    The facility will make use of solar power for water extraction, producing low-cost, environment-friendly water.

    Looking Ahead:

    These projects are just a glimpse into the future of Saudi Arabia’s energy sector. With a focus on solar, wind, and even concentrated solar power, the Kingdom is well on its way to achieving its ambitious renewable energy goals. This green push will not only provide clean energy but also create jobs, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and position Saudi Arabia as a leader in sustainable development.

    Keep an eye out for future updates on these and other giga projects in Saudi Arabia and the nation’s  journey towards a greener tomorrow! 

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