Saudi Arabia’s GIGA Projects: A Kingdom on the Rise

Fueled by the ambitious Vision 2030 plan, Saudi Arabia is witnessing an unprecedented surge in mega and infrastructure projects – a testament to a nation determined to redefine itself. These visionary and modern Saudi Arabia new construction projects propel the country into the global spotlight, showcasing a future where innovation meets sustainability and tourism thrives alongside industry.

The Saudi Arabia Giga Project program positions itself as the world’s largest civil infrastructure endeavor. These “GIGA projects” go beyond mere construction; they aim to reshape the entire economy, fostering diversification and reducing dependence on oil. The convergence of construction and smart city technology plays a pivotal role in delivering these billion-dollar futuristic investments. By 2027, the KSA market for this powerful combination is projected to reach nearly $14.75 billion, a clear indicator of the kingdom’s commitment to building not just structures, but intelligent ecosystems.

Since the launch of Vision 2030, nearly $1 trillion worth of development projects have been announced or begun construction. Iconic mega-projects like NEOM, The Red Sea Project, Amaala, King Salman Park, and Qiddiya are not just landmarks; they are symbols of a nation embracing a new era. The transformation extends beyond these flagship projects.

The energy sector receives a significant boost as well, with Saudi Aramco aiming to double its gas production capacity by 2030 through projects like the Jafurah field development. Let’s explore some of these transformative projects that are shaping the future of Saudi Arabia


This Public Investment Fund (PIF) initiative focuses on developing a robust and sustainable domestic manufacturing sector. MARAFY encompasses several sub-projects across various industries, with a particular emphasis on non-oil sectors like mining, chemicals, and advanced materials.

This initiative aims to create high-value jobs, foster technological advancements, and position Saudi Arabia as a manufacturing powerhouse.

Jabal Omar Development - Makkah

Nestled in the holy city of Makkah, this ambitious project aims to expand the area around the Grand Mosque. It will create a vibrant commercial and residential hub, catering to the millions of pilgrims who visit annually.

The development includes luxury hotels, shopping malls, and improved transportation infrastructure, all designed to enhance the religious experience for visitors.

Thakher City - Makkah

Thakher City aims to create a self-contained urban community. This development will provide high-quality residential units, commercial districts, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities

Thakher City seeks to alleviate pressure on the holy city’s central areas while offering a modern and convenient living environment for residents.

Fadhili Gas Plant Expansion

Located in the Eastern Province, this project involves expanding the existing Fadhili Gas Plant. It will significantly increase Saudi Arabia’s natural gas processing capacity, catering to growing domestic demand and potential future exports.

The expansion will contribute to cleaner energy production and economic diversification away from oil.

Jafurah Phase 2

The Jafurah Basin holds one of the world’s largest unconventional gas reserves. Phase 2 of this project will tap into this vast resource, further bolstering the kingdom’s natural gas production capabilities.

The additional gas will fuel power plants, support industrial growth, and potentially generate significant export revenue.

Jeddah Economic City - Jeddah

This waterfront development on the Red Sea aims to create a thriving commercial and industrial hub. The project encompasses logistics facilities, business centers, free zones, and residential areas.

Jeddah Economic City is envisioned as a gateway to global trade and a catalyst for economic growth in the western region.

Dahiyat Makkah Gate - Makkah

Designed to serve as a gateway to Makkah, this project focuses on transportation infrastructure. It includes a new high-speed railway station, a bus terminal, and a network of roads that will improve connectivity and facilitate pilgrim movement.

Dahiyat Makkah Gate aims to streamline travel logistics and enhance the overall pilgrimage experience.

Murooj Jeddah Project

This large-scale development on the Red Sea coast offers a luxurious living and leisure experience. Murooj Jeddah boasts waterfront villas, luxury hotels, high-end retail outlets, and recreational facilities.

This project caters to both residents and tourists seeking a sophisticated lifestyle by the sea.

These ten projects represent just a fraction of the GIGA developments transforming Saudi Arabia. From religious tourism to industrial diversification, these initiatives showcase a bold vision for the future. By focusing on innovation, sustainability, and infrastructure development, Saudi Arabia is poised to become a regional and global leader in the years to come.

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