New construction projects in KSA fueled by vision 2030 and Expo 2030

Vision 2030 and Expo 2030 fueling New Projects in KSA

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by its ambitious Vision 2030 plan and the upcoming Saudi Arabia Expo 2030. This has ignited a construction boom across the country, with groundbreaking new projects in KSA redefining skylines and reimagining landscapes. From futuristic smart cities to sustainable tourism destinations, these ongoing and upcomingprojects in Saudi Arabia showcase its commitment to diversification, innovation, and economic growth.

Vision 2030: A Transformational Roadmap

Launched in 2016 under the visionary leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Vision 2030 serves as a comprehensive blueprint aimed at steering Saudi Arabia toward a future less reliant on traditional oil-centric industries. This ambitious initiative seeks to cultivate a knowledge-based society, fostering innovation and sustainable development. By strategically diversifying the economy, Vision 2030 places a strong emphasis on key sectors that are pivotal for long-term growth. 

Tourism: Vision 2030 envisions Saudi Arabia becoming a global tourism hub. By capitalizing on the country’s unique cultural and historical heritage, the plan aims to attract international visitors seeking unparalleled leisure experiences. 

Technology: Fostering a vibrant technology ecosystem is integral to the vision. Through investments and initiatives, Saudi Arabia aims to position itself at the forefront of technological innovation, driving economic diversification and creating opportunities in the tech sector.

Renewable Energy: With a commitment to sustainable practices, Vision 2030 propels Saudi Arabia toward a future less dependent on fossil fuels. The plan prioritizes the development and utilization of renewable energy sources, reflecting a dedication to environmental stewardship.


Infrastructure: Developing world-class infrastructure is fundamental to achieving Vision 2030 goals. Enhanced connectivity between cities and regions is envisioned, laying the foundation for economic growth, improved accessibility, and seamless integration.



Expo 2030: An Innovation Hub in Riyadh

Set against the backdrop of Riyadh, Expo 2030 is poised to be a transformative event, acting as a catalyst for Saudi Arabia’s ongoing construction boom. The Expo serves as a global stage for showcasing new projects in KSA that are groundbreaking advancements in sustainability, technology, and urban design, capturing the attention of millions of visitors worldwide.

Sustainability: Expo 2030 aims to be a living laboratory for sustainable practices, offering a tangible display of innovative solutions in renewable energy, water conservation, waste management, and green building technologies. 

Technology: At the heart of Expo 2030 lies a focus on technological innovations, spanning artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The Expo provides a platform to showcase advancements that redefine how we live, work, and interact with the world.

Urban Design: The Expo site itself becomes a model for innovative and sustainable urban design. Through a focus on walkable cities, green spaces, and mixed-use development, Expo 2030 strives to set new standards for urban living.


The anticipation surrounding Expo 2030 is substantial, with the event expected to draw millions of visitors globally. Beyond being a spectacle of innovation, the Expo is poised to have far-reaching impacts on Saudi Arabia’s socio-economic landscape. Several Saudi Arabia upcoming projects exemplify the country’s ambitious vision.

 Saudi Arabia Upcoming Projects: A Glimpse into the Future


Rising from the sands of Saudi Arabia, NEOM, a $500 billion megaproject, envisions a future where sustainability and innovation intertwine. This futuristic city, built from the ground up on the Red Sea coast, promises not just one metropolis, but ten unique “regions”, each with its own distinct purpose and character.

NEOM’s story is still unfolding, with only four of its ten regions unveiled, but one thing is certain: this billion-dollar dream has already captured the world’s attention!

The Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project is a visionary and ambitious tourism development, unveiled as part of the country’s Vision 2030 initiative. This project aims to transform the region into a premier luxury travel destination, blending stunning natural beauty with innovative design and sustainable practices. 

“Red Sea Project: Luxury tourism with a focus on sustainability”


Amaala offers a unique perspective on luxury, blending indulgent comfort with a focus on well-being, artistic expression, and cultural exploration. Expect high-end resorts, residences where artists create, and a stunning performing arts center designed by Jean Nouvel. It’s a Red Sea destination designed to nourish both body and mind.

Amaala boasts an impressive collection of 14 world-renowned hotel brands, 800 exquisite residences, and 200 high-end fashion stores.


Qiddiya, a planned entertainment megaproject near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, aims to become a regional leader, offering theme parks, motorsports facilities, cultural experiences, and a water park with a resort hotel, all contributing to job creation, tourism, and economic diversification as part of the country’s Vision 2030 plan, fostering a vibrant hub for entertainment, sports, and arts, and transforming the region’s entertainment landscape.

King Salman Park 

This massive park in Riyadh will be one of the largest city parks in the world. It will offer green spaces, sports facilities, and cultural attractions, promoting recreation and healthy lifestyles. The park aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative, emphasizing the importance of fostering a healthy and active lifestyle within urban communities while promoting cultural engagement.

“King Salman Park promises recreation, healthy living, and cultural immersion”

The Diriyah Gate

This massive development project aims to restore and revitalize Diriyah, the historic first capital of Saudi Arabia. The Diriyah Gate project encompasses the restoration of historic sites, the creation of museums, luxury hotels, and contemporary amenities, all seamlessly blending with the area’s traditional architecture.

This project promises to be not just a city, but a living testament to Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage, a vibrant cultural hub, and a testament to the nation’s vision for the future.

Jeddah Central

This ambitious project will transform Jeddah’s historic downtown into a vibrant mixed-use district with high-rise towers, cultural attractions, and public spaces. As part of the ongoing urban development initiatives in KSA, Jeddah Central plays a pivotal role in shaping the city’s skyline and contributing to its reputation as a thriving metropolis on the Red Sea coast. Jeddah Central promises to be a destination that not only revitalizes the city’s core but also redefines its identity, cementing its place as a jewel on the Red Sea.

The Royal City of Makkah and Madinah

The multi-billion dollar Royal City of Makkah and Madinah project goes beyond just expanding and modernizing the holy cities. It prioritizes preserving Islamic heritage, incorporates sustainable practices, aims to enhance the pilgrimage experience, and is expected to generate economic benefits and global recognition.

This ambitious project embodies Saudi Arabia’s commitment to serving the Muslim world and establishing itself as a center of Islamic heritage and culture.


The King Abdullah Economic City is a thriving industrial and commercial hub on the Red Sea coast. It is home to several major international companies and is undergoing further expansion. The city has become a magnet for both local and global businesses, offering them a conducive environment for investment and growth. It’s a city not just built for business, but built by and for businesses, shaping itself as a cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification and a beacon of progress in the region.

The Impact of Vision 2030 and Expo 2030

Vision 2030 and Expo 2030 are having a profound impact on Saudi Arabia’s construction sector, economy, and society. Expo 2030 is expected to attract millions of visitors from around the world, providing a unique platform for Saudi Arabia to showcase its achievements and aspirations. The event is also expected to: 

Boost innovation: The Expo will stimulate collaboration between international researchers, businesses, and entrepreneurs, accelerating the development and adoption of new technologies.


Attract investment: The Expo will showcase Saudi Arabia’s investment potential, attracting foreign direct investment in key sectors like renewable energy, technology, and tourism.


Promote cultural exchange: The Expo will provide a platform for cultural exchange and understanding between Saudi Arabia and other nations.



Leave a lasting legacy: The Expo site will be transformed into a permanent development, creating a new and vibrant district in Riyadh.


 Looking Ahead: A Vision for the Future

Saudi Arabia’s construction boom is a testament to the Kingdom’s ambition and commitment to transformation. Vision 2030 and Expo 2030 are playing a pivotal role in driving this change, shaping the future of the country for generations to come. As these projects progress and new ones emerge, Saudi Arabia is poised to become a hub for innovation, sustainability, and economic prosperity, offering a unique and exciting vision for the future.

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